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Peaceful Places/relaxing rooms starts at $500



Relaxing Rooms

Create A Relaxing Space Of Your Choice

Create a peaceful place where you can enjoy productive practices and relaxing routines that nurture your mind, body and goals. Design space that matches who you are and brings you a sense of peace, productivity and purpose.

Virtual appointments available
Starting at $500
Monthly membership

Mind, body and goals – We focus on stress management activities that support mental well-being, physical well-being and goals.

Mental well-being for a strong mind, physical well-being for a healthy body and goals to help us be productive and live with a sense of purpose.

Signature Program
Compatible Living

Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt good?

It felt nurturing, comfortable and welcoming?

Well your space can be that – plus more!

Imagine activating your space so it not only feels nourishing, and relaxing, but it’s also compatible with what you need to feel a sense of balance and productivity.

What makes this program unique?

Not only will we utilize interior design, but also more than 20 years of my experience using the principles of numerology to identify the pros and cons of your location. Every location offers gifts and challenges which affect the ease or resistance we experience in certain areas of our life.

The same way we match with certain people, we match with certain places. Some places are great for money, others are great for love. Locality matters!

Can this program help with lifestyle changes?


In this program we go on a journey through discovering the 1 thing that helps you most with stress management.

We will discover which peaceful practices and daily routines help you improve stress levels and productivity based on stress management activities that we explore together.

How can I get continued support for consistency after the program?

I know building your consistency muscle is SO important! So, I have created 2 options to support you.

1. The mind, body and goals membership group.
2. Personal coaching